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Re: Lost Wifi connection this morning...

On 05/13/2009 11:29 AM, Linuxguy123 wrote:
My laptop, running F10, dropped its Wifi connection this morning and for
a while wouldn't reconnect.  The other wireless devices in the house
worked just fine. (iPhone, Windows Vista computer)

When the connection was dropped, Network Manager didn't show any
wireless routers to be available.  I disabled Network Manager and tried
to connect manually.  I got a "device not available" error.

Prior to this, wireless networking was bulletproof.

For whatever reason, it started working again.

/var/log/yum.log has these entries:

May 12 05:01:14 Updated: 1:NetworkManager-glib-0.7.1-1.fc10.i386
May 12 05:01:14 Updated: 1:cups-libs-1.3.10-5.fc10.i386
May 12 05:01:19 Updated: 1:NetworkManager-0.7.1-1.fc10.i386
May 12 05:01:21 Updated: libcurl-devel-7.19.4-5.fc10.i386
May 12 05:01:23 Updated: alsa-utils-1.0.20-1.fc10.i386
May 12 05:01:38 Updated: 1:cups-1.3.10-5.fc10.i386
May 12 05:01:57 Updated: 1:NetworkManager-gnome-0.7.1-1.fc10.i386

While my wireless is not on F10, when I connect at home (D-Link DIR 655 WPA, work (Linksys WPA), and MIT my connections are very solid. But, when I connect at the Microsoft Office the wireless tends to lose the connection for a period of time, similar to yours. When you lose your connection, check some of the wireless parameters, such as iwconfig and the dmesg logs and some other wireless tools. One thing I have seen at MIT is that my partner brings in his own router, and sometimes, if I am connected to MIT, sometimes NetworkManager decides it likes his router better, but I have not seen this behavior recently.

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Boston Linux and Unix
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