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Re: If you wondered why Intel sucks on Fedora read this

| From: Steven W. Orr <steveo syslang net>

| The Intel line is so massively pipelined that it's almost impossible to 
| write an optimizer that doesn't have to flush its entire cache every few 
| instructions. 

Don't confuse companies with technologies.

What you don't like is the Pentium 4 design (and things with the same
design -- some Celerons, some Xeons, Pentium D, ...).  It is the
processor with such long pipelines.

The Pentium 3 was fine.  AMD's K7 was better.

Intel thought it could regain the lead with P4.  It worked for a while
but the experiment seems to have failed in the end.  The P4 is
history.  (Funnily enough, I bought my first P4 CPU today.)

The Intel Core 2 is technically ahead of the latest AMD products in
most ways.  The i7 finally gets an on-chip memory controller (as AMD
did way back when, copying the Alpha, if I remember correctly).

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