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Re: If you wondered why Intel sucks on Fedora read this

| From: g <geleem bellsouth net>

| intel sucks on anything but ms, because intel joined the ms whore house
| years ago along with many other oem suppliers because of their fear of
| not being included in ms specs.

I actually subscribe to your conspiracy theory.

Having said that, there are levels of evil.

Intel has been the most supportive of the major video controller
makers historically.  For example, Keith Packard is a long-time core X
developer and Intel pays him for things that benefit X in general as
well as the Intel X drivers.

ATI (now AMD) was open with specs, to a very useful degree, until
roughly 10 years ago.  Then they closed up tight.  A couple of years
ago, they started to make a large effort opening up.  That's still not
complete.  I don't know of anyone from ATI contributing to X in
general the way Keith is doing.  They are in a tough spot financially.

nVidia is the laggard.  On the other hand, many in the Linux community
appreciate their well-maintained closed source Linux driver.  I'm not
one of them.

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