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Re: [ILUG] iPod nano 4G + Fedora 10 (and not only!) --> solved! :))

Frank Murphy (Frankly3d) wrote:
Thought some may be interested.

Frank (Sorry for T-P)

Pinco Pallino wrote:
Hi folks,

good news! The program I had written about previously worked on my Fedora 10: the problem I was getting starting Yamipod was the impossibility to save the model of my iPod ... You know what? The program could not save it because the iPod was mounted in read-only mode! I substituted the "ro" option with "rw", umounted the volume and remounted immediately after and it worked.

Test result: OK, it's not perfect and sometimes crashes, but this program finally allowed me to interact with my new brand-new iPod nano (IV generation, 16GB, mod. A1285), deleting tunes uploaded with iTunes and also adding new ones from my pc. :)

Even better: this software works (I guess) with ANY Linux distro and does not require to be installed.

Again, to whom it may concern, here is the website for download and instructions:


Enjoy! :)



I installed YamiPod on F9, installed the libfmodex.so.4.02.05
file to /usr/lib & YamiPod to /usr/bin and set the context and
permissions for both.

Next I ran YamiPod with no iPod actually mounted and
since there is no exit/quit in any menus, proceeded to click
the windows X button and got this crash bug report:

$ YamiPod
(YamiPod:8637): Gtk-CRITICAL **: _gtk_accel_group_attach: assertion `g_slist_find (accel_group->acceleratables, object) == NULL' failed
YamiPod: pcm.c:1216: snd_pcm_writei: Assertion `size == 0 || buffer' failed.
77b793e8-2da4-8300-0188d939-745a4c34 is dumped

As for mounting the iPod in /mnt or /media, where is the
instructions for doing that and what exactly needs to be
done to ensure that it is mounted rw?

I assume that plugging in the iPod automatically mounts
to /media but not sure, and if it mounts rw?  I have used
the iPod on F9 and gtkPod and it works.


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