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Re: deltaisos for F11?

On 17/05/09 11:49, Andre Robatino wrote:
Are there any plans for deltaisos for F10->F11 to be available at
release time?
No idea on that.

I wrote a python program that can be used to construct an iso based on a isoinfo dump of the iso you are after (usually about 200kB). You then tell the program where you have content that is on the new iso, this could be individual rpms from the rawhide repo (if you have keepcache=1), or from an earlier iso (preferably the most recent).

It then inserts each of the files into an iso image.
The final step is to either use rsync against a full image (more efficient eg 70% done to start with), or the bittorent stream, pointing the output to the iso that the program created, so that it checks and fills in the missing bits (40-50% done to start with; this is because torrent has minimum 256kB blocks, that can cover multiple files).

You'll find it in the archives of this list, or I can report if anyone is interested. NB: someone has to have the real full copy and run isoinfo on it for it to be of any use.



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