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Re: Fedora X as imap server mx0? Workable?

Frank Murphy (Frankly3d) writes:

Would Fedora X(Current)
work as an imap server
with a CentOS as a backup mx.
(for those upgrade moments)
Maybe a crossover cable to keep mails synced?

Perhaps you should explain exactly what you're trying to accomplish. Everything up until the last sentence was ok. The last sentence makes no sense whatsoever.

Fedora will work fine as an IMAP server. CentOS will also work fine as a backup MX, however it appears that by "backup MX" you mean something else than what everyone else thinks "backup MX" is.

A backup MX is a mail server listed with a higher-valued (lower priority) MX record in DNS, which senders would contact if they are unable to reach the primary MX server. When the primary MX server is back up, the backup MX would forward mail it has queued up to the primary MX (or the backup MX would have its own parallel delivery path to the destination mailbox).

And none of this has anything to do with neither IMAP, nor a "crossover cable", which itself could mean several different things -- a CAT ethernet cable that's wired in the crossover configuration on both ends of it, or a serial RS-232 cable with an analogous configuration. So, you'll need explain exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

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