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Re: modification or setting on Fedora 10 for Evolution to 'cache'?

On Mon, 2009-05-18 at 08:35 -0700, Joe Szilagyi wrote:
> Is there a package for Fedora 10 Evolution or any hack way to make it
> "cache" locally for mail? I'm in the process of migrating on a laptop
> from XP to FC10, and I sincerely liked the local caching aspect of
> Outlook--it was just faster. My Evolution with it's reliance on OWA (I
> cannot move away from an Exchange backend) only seems to be polling
> via constant https web refreshes. Can I do it somehow to cache
> locally, to increase speed and performance if I find myself on a not
> as good internet connection? Specifically to FC, or if anyone knows a
> good hack for this?

For IMAP it's:

Edit->Preferences->[account]->Receiving Options->Automatically
synchronize remote mail locally

I've no idea about Exchange, but try it.


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