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f10 boot: linux options

in an older, now closed thread
Re: f10dvd installs but won't boot

Craig responded
> at this point, I would probably...
> boot the Install DVD, put the kernel argument into the boot command...

> linux install scsi_mod.scan=sync

> and then re-install Fedora 10.......

two questions:
1)   is it really as above
  linux install scsi_mod.scan=sync

  or should it be
  linux scsi_mod.scan=sync

fedora install docs say:

   To use boot options, enter linux option at the boot:  prompt
   If you specify more than one option, separate each of the options
   by a single space. For example:

   linux option1 option2 option3

2) my f10 dvd seems to have its boot:  command already filled in with

vmlinuz0 initrd0

something close to that  is what i see after hitting TAB.

Is the "linux option" supposed to be entered after that vmlinuz0 initrd0 ?


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