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Re: Spin request (I guess)

On Mon, 2009-05-18 at 23:55 +0000, Beartooth wrote:
> 	I can't decide what to title this request. 
> 	The problem is that there are gobs and buckets of specialized 
> distros adapted to use on things like the EeePCs -- but most of them are 
> cloned from variants of Ubuntu, which I seem to be strongly allergic to.
> 	I hope there's some way the Fedora developers could either make a 
> version designed to fit on such machines (Whoever invented the 
> simultaneous terms "netbook" and "notebook", let alone "nettop" deserves 
> to be drawn, quartered, and hanged in chains for the crows.) -- or find 
> some way to encourage others to use Fedora instead of Debian derivatives.
> 	If that can be done, I'd bet there are lots of us who would 
> welcome it.

I installed F10 from the Live CD on my eeePC 1000 about a month ago and
nearly everything worked out of the box except suspend/resume (Wifi
wouldn't come back) and the Bluetooth mouse (worked with minor

A week or so ago I upgraded to Rawhide using preupgrade and now
*everything* works out of the box, even the special function keys
(speaker volume, screen brightness etc, Wifi off/on etc.). I'm really
impressed with this.

For now I don't see why anyone would need a special Fedora spin for
these machines.


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