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Re: digital tv on Fedora guide needs review.

On 07/05/09 04:13, Rick Stevens wrote:
Mick M. wrote:
I was trying to "depmod pvrusb2, and insmod pvrusb2".
I could go to /lib/modules and drill down and find the module.
But it would not load.

Try "cd /lib/modules/`uname -r`" and verify there's a modules.dep file.
If not, then modules won't load and you should find out why those are
being wiped. You can recreate it by "depmod -a".

I wonder if that is what happened in Mick's case (I'm sure he'll get back eventually).

Meanwhile, I made a setup guide in the fedora project wiki for digital tv: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DavidTimms/DVB

It needs a bit of work to expand out some specific app usage examples, if you have a fedoraproject account, and can see some errors or improvements, please go ahead and make them. Although, if the info is especially device specific, or would over complicate the guide then it might be better to become a reference link into a separate file. A "things that can go wrong" page could be useful, if you can think of items that you have come across while getting Digital Tele going on your Fedora box.


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