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Re: How to set group of video and audio devices automatically

On Tue, 2009-05-19 at 04:58 -0700, Derek Tattersall wrote:
> That shouldn't matter. I want to have the owner and group permissions
> set when the appropriate /dev nodes are created, on boot up or on
> insertion of the device, independently of who is logged into which
> terminal. I mostly use kde.

How you log in does matter.  The current system (when working) sets
device permissions for the person who's at the local console, and has
logged in using a system that supports it.  e.g. logging in through GDM
to KDE or Gnome.  I think KDM also manages this.  XDM didn't, when I
tried it, nor did logging in to some other window managers, through GDM,
such as when I tried XFCE.

The idea behind this device control methodology being that a local user
would have the display, the mouse, the speakers, etc.  And that a remote
user wouldn't.  That's not always the case, of course, but it's a fair
presumption about how people generally use non-shareable hardware on a
personal computer.  e.g. User joe and user fred can't both listen to
different MP3 files through the same set of speakers.

The model falls apart on multi-user systems, or systems where someone
logs in remotely to control it.  e.g. I have a crummy old box in the
corner of the room that plays ogg vorbis files through the stereo, I'd
like to just SSH over to it and start things, then log out and leave it
doing its business.  That's not always a straight forward thing to be
able to achieve.

By the way, don't top post, I don't want to have to yo-yo scroll up and
down to see what you're responding to.  Replies should only quote enough
of the prior message to be understood.  And the reply should be written
in a way that's clearly understandable.  The usual method is to respond
directly under quoted text.  And intersperse replies, adjacent to the
relevant sections, if you're responding to different parts of a message.
See most of the other messages on the list for an example.

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