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Re: How to set group of video and audio devices automatically

Derek Tattersall wrote:
> Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
>> It makes a big difference, because HAL will change the permissions
>> in the GUI mode. It works best when running the Gnome or KDE
>> desktop. On the other hand, I believe they are still handled by
>> console.perms when using the cli.
>> Mikkel
> So what does HAL do if you have a multi-seat configuration? The
> permissions were all set up correctly before I set up the multi-seat
> configuration. How do I configure HAL?
> Derek
It would probably be easiest to use Polkit to make the changes. I
use polkit-gnome-authorization, but I am sure there is a KDE version
as well. I am not sure about other window managers. In Gnome, you
can either access it from the command line, or System -->
Preferences --> System --> Authorizations.


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