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Re: Cannot find -lf2c compilation error

On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 6:24 PM, Joe Smith <jes martnet com> wrote:
>> I am trying to compile a program which was written in C. (The Makefile
>> is shown below.) However, when I run the command 'make', I get the
>> following error:
>> $ make
>> ... -L./f2c -lf2c -lm
>> /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lf2c
>> ...
> The f2c library is[*] part of the GNU Fortran runtime support. Are some of
> your source files written in Fortran? If not, then you don't need the f2c
> lib; just edit it out of the linking step.
> If you do have some Fortran code lurking in there, then you will need the
> f2c library. It should be included with GNU Fortran, so there may be a
> problem with the linker options that's preventing ld from finding the
> library.
> [*] Or was--it's been ten years since I used it.

Thanks to all. I do have

# rpm -q  compat-libf2c-34

Moreover, 'locate libf2c' returns nothing.

I do not know whether the program was written in Fortran or not, as I
am not its author. You can find the source at the following address:



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