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Tweak F11 by proxy?

	I want to use a laptop as a proxy for a notebook -- in the sense 
of the ordinary English word "proxy," not the specific Internet sense. 
Let me explain.

	My wife, with better vision and smaller more adroit hands, will 
of course get (and I hope enjoy) my present EeePC 701 if she wants it, as 
soon as I get one big enough for my hands and eyes -- but it will be up 
to me to get it into the condition she's used to from running Fedora on 
her full-sized PCs for the last half-dozen years. She has about as much 
interest in computers as I do in golf.

	Suppose I create the live USB stick, and first plug it into a 
laptop, such as a T30 or T42 Thinkpad, where I have keyboard & monitor 
that accommodate my hands & eyes far better than the EeePC. 

	Suppose I then tweak heavily, uninstalling everything we never 
use (chat, games, telephony, and more), but adding some others (notably 
Alpine, a dozen years' worth of tweaks to that, a long-nurtured 
addressbook, her preferred browser, etc.).

	When I shutdown, can I make the USB stick adopt all changes, and 
offer them thenceforward instead of the stock version, the way a Live CD-
R of most OSs would do? Or will it perhaps automatically it adopt them?

	Supposing I achieve that, can I then run the live USB stick on 
the EeePC, tell it to install, and have it install my pre-twoken version 
rather than stock F11??

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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