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cups- printers randomly disable


Randy wrote:

What signal does CUPS get to disable the printer? Does it come from the

system lpd somewhere? Already tried everything possible from cupsd.conf


Uh, is this on a USB interface?  Recent Fedora kernels are built with

CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND, which may put your hub or printer into powersave

mode and make it drop offline.  There are several ways to prevent this.

I can give you suggestions if you need.


Rick, thanks for the response.


It’s not usb, parallel HP Laserjet with an HP print server 170x. We setup thousands like this on all our networks, but every so often cups will disable a printer on one of them. With all denominators equal, I cant find rhyme or reason why it happens from cups logs, or syslog, etc. So I now just want to keep all printers from disabling.


Can you tell me how I can disable the “disable code” from cups?





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