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Re: Tweak F11 by proxy?

2009/5/19 Beartooth <Beartooth comcast net>:
>        I want to use a laptop as a proxy for a notebook -- in the sense
> of the ordinary English word "proxy," not the specific Internet sense.
> Let me explain.
>        My wife, with better vision and smaller more adroit hands, will
ll> of course get (and I hope enjoy) my present EeePC 701 if she wants it, as
> soon as I get one big enough for my hands and eyes -- but it will be up
> to me to get it into the condition she's used to from running Fedora on
> her full-sized PCs for the last half-dozen years. She has about as much
> interest in computers as I do in golf.
>        Suppose I create the live USB stick, and first plug it into a
> laptop, such as a T30 or T42 Thinkpad, where I have keyboard & monitor
> that accommodate my hands & eyes far better than the EeePC.
>        Suppose I then tweak heavily, uninstalling everything we never
> use (chat, games, telephony, and more), but adding some others (notably
> Alpine, a dozen years' worth of tweaks to that, a long-nurtured
> addressbook, her preferred browser, etc.).
>        When I shutdown, can I make the USB stick adopt all changes, and
> offer them thenceforward instead of the stock version, the way a Live CD-
> R of most OSs would do? Or will it perhaps automatically it adopt them?
>        Supposing I achieve that, can I then run the live USB stick on
> the EeePC, tell it to install, and have it install my pre-twoken version
> rather than stock F11??

I don't think this will work. I think the "right" (for some values of
right) way to approach this is to boil all your customisations down,
such that they can be scripted in a kickstart file and then install
from any method you like. The advantage of this approach is twofold:

1) when one has gone to the great putting green in the sky, one's
significant other can still reinstall (his|her) laptop.
2) when the above happens, at least (she|he) has something to remember you by.

Seriously though, I feel your pain. I have a eeePC 701 stashed under
the bed with only Totem, Terminal and Firefox installed for those
times when I can't sleep. I can't even type "ssh" without multiple
attempts at deletion and cursing, so I couldn't use it every day.


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