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Re: Updated F10 install media - like a "rollup" disc

Paul Furness wrote:
Hi, folks,

I run a network in a computing research lab. All my servers (about 25 or
so) run Fedora, as do a number of my workstations. Because of this, I
often need to build new machines from scratch, and time is, of course,
short, and I end up spending a lot of time doing a basic install, then a
full update of everything.

I vaguely remember reading something on the net one time about updating
the build DVD to include the newest versions of stuff - a little like
creating an MS Windows Rollup disk. I can't find anything now - possibly
I've not hit on the right keywords to put into Google.

Can anyone point me at some documentation about how to do this? I'm
currently working mostly with F10, and while I know F11 is just about to
happen, I'm still going to need F10 installs for a while, and there are
a lot of updates for it now.



One solution would be to make a mrepo install server/disk
You need to setup mrepo to update daily with your closest mirror
Then when you need to do an install, you can use an external hard disk to boot you latest version of Fedora and install (requires kickstart) Or you could install from the original cd, adding mrepo as an additional repo at install time
Or you could do a network boot with CD or PXE (mrepo server)

Toshaan <toshlinux gmail com> - http://www.toshaan.be

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