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Re: mounting encrypted linux partition on windows

On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 10:06:04 -0300,
  Damián Rodrí­guez Sánchez <damian sanchez itautec com> wrote:
> I recently decided to encrypt the / Linux partition (ext3) on my
> dual boot PC (Windows Vista - Fedora 10).

> I was told that software like FreeOTFE and TrueCrypt should let me
> mount the encrypted partition under Windows if I have the ext3 driver,
> but it didn't work for me. Will I necessarily have to create a new
> encrypted volume with one of those programs and then reinstall Fedora
> (or Windows) in it instead of simply mounting the existing encrypted
> partition?

How was it encrypted? If you used luks, it's likely that Truecyrpt won't
work with that.

I don't think linux has a way to boot off a Truecrypt encrypted root.

I you want to share a partition between Windows and Linux, I think it will
need to encrypted with some application that is available for both, and will
not be usable on / (perhaps /home will work for you). If you want it mounted
during the boot process you'll probably need to do some customization (make
an initscript or and some stuff to rc.local).

Depending on what you are really trying to do, virtualization may be another
path to getting what you want.

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