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Re: Frustration with F10/KDE

On 05/19/2009 08:48 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
Jim wrote:
Trying to put Icons on Desktop.
Dragging a app/icon from menu to Desktop, when you want to put a icon in
a certain place, Kde moves it some place other than where you want it.
You have no control of where you put Icons.

This has nothing to do with Folder view
Then this is your first problem. You aren't supposed to put icons directly
on the Plasma desktop, only inside the Desktop folder shown by the folder
view (unless you set your entire desktop to be a folder view, as KDE 4.2
now allows). Putting icons directly on the Plasma desktop is legacy
functionality kept only for backwards compatibility with KDE 4.0 (so you
don't lose icons configured in 4.0.x).

         Kevin Kofler

Yeah !, will you tell that to the rest of my family that I have Fedora/KDE on their boxes, they have been using Fedora since 6 and they want their Icons on the desktop, not in a shaded window. Now if you want their phone numbers, I would gladly send them to you. But I must warn you, when you get to my Brother, lots of luck. As far as he is concern, it's the old way or no way at all.

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