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Re: mounting encrypted linux partition on windows

Thank you, but that's exactly what I had done
and it kept saying my key was incorrect.

I'll have a better look at my Luks configurations.

Robin Laing escreveu:
Damián Rodrí­guez Sánchez wrote:

I recently decided to encrypt the / Linux partition (ext3) on my
dual boot PC (Windows Vista - Fedora 10).

I used to mount it with "Ext2 Installable File System for Windows"
(http://www.fs-driver.org) when using Windows, but now that the
partition is encrypted, its contents (obviously) appear unreadable
and I'm offered to format it.

I was told that software like FreeOTFE and TrueCrypt should let me
mount the encrypted partition under Windows if I have the ext3 driver,
but it didn't work for me. Will I necessarily have to create a new
encrypted volume with one of those programs and then reinstall Fedora
(or Windows) in it instead of simply mounting the existing encrypted

I have this bookmarked but I have not tried it as I do not have any windows computers to try it with. It was a "Just in case".

Mounting LUKS / dm-crypt Partitions in Microsoft Windows

Full procedure to use Ext2fsd and FreeOTFE.

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