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Re: E-sata hotplug

john wendel wrote:

After a little reading (thanks for the link), I decided that it was safe to hot-plug my e-sata disk. So, I did. And what happened? A big nothing.

I've got a WD e-sata disk connected to an Intel ICH7 controller, using the AHCI driver. If I boot with drive powered up, it comes up as device "sda". If I hot-plug it, the device doesn't get created.

I think I need to kick udev into action, but I don't know the incantation.

If you're successfully hot-plugging an e-sata disk, can you share some tips.



Don't have an eSATA but do have a SATA drive bay that lets me swap a
bare drive.  Drive bay is nothing special.  Chip does the trick and
in this case it's a Silcon Image Sil3124.  Nothing to set up; it just
works.  If you watch your "dmesg" out put you should see the OS trying
to set/reset access to the drive.  Not instant; takes a 10-20 sec from
what I've seen.  This is under Fedora 10 64 bit.

I've seen comments that the ICH7 chip set has problems with hot swap but
since I don't have one, I can't say for sure.

F. 'Cokey'  de Percin, DBA    Mail:
Computer Sciences Corporation   Work: cdeperci csc com
Blythewood, S.C                 Home: cdepercin gmail com

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