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Re: deltaisos for F11?

Andre Robatino wrote:
Are there any plans for deltaisos for F10->F11 to be available at release time? The size for each diso will probably be about half that of the corresponding full F11 ISO. Torrents would be nice, but aren't really practical for slow connections since low upload speed makes seeding difficult. Direct download would be preferable. Jonathan Dieter put a diso for 32-bit beta->preview on his presto server, but I suspect the greater size and demand for a F10->F11 diso would kill his bandwidth quota.

I downloaded the 32- and 64-bit F11 Preview ISOs and generated the deltaisos starting from F10 final. Due to the i586 package rebuild, deltarpms could not be used for many of the packages, which was a worse issue for 32-bit. The results were:

1) For 32-bit, there was only a 20% space savings, but the reconstruction using applydeltaiso only took about 24 minutes on my 2.7 GHz box. For someone with a very slow connection, it MIGHT be worthwhile.

2) For 64-bit, there was a 43% space savings, and the reconstruction took 56 minutes. This was almost as good as the 50% savings seen going from F9 Final to F10 Final.

If anyone is interested, I could upload these to a file hosting service - in which case recommendations for which service to use would be helpful. I've considered both filehosting.org and yourfilelink.com. I could also upload the disos for F10 Final -> F11 Final when the latter comes out. I plan to get the F11 Final ISOs by using rsync to go from Preview to Final. Does anyone know roughly how much downloading rsync would require for this? If it's very small, then it makes sense to download the Preview early, then use rsync to fix it at release time, to avoid the crush.

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