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Re: Using Philips GoGear on Fedora

Suvayu Ali wrote:
Hello all,

I just bought a Philips GoGear 8 Gb. I chose this mostly because it is free of DRM stuff. That is one of the things Philips emphasises on for the GoGear range of media players. To play my mp3's all I need to do is drag and drop them to the player which is mounted as a regular USB drive.

Everything is awesome except that the player can't read the tags although the manual says it supports both ID3v1 and v2. I use Picard to tag my mp3's and they show up just fine in rhythmbox. As for video, it needs to be converted to .smv (Simgatel mobile video, I think) before the player can play them. So I figured I might need to use something like opengear[1] or golb[2] (GoGear On Linux Boxes) to do the file transfers and video conversion, but these projects seem to have been abandoned. Moreover I wasn't able to compile the source code from the golb tarball as there was no configure script or makefile.

I have tried running the manufacturer provided software on wine, but that is a no go. Does anyone have any experience with these players?

Thanks in advance.


Anyone any thoughts or suggestions on this one?


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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