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Re: How to recover data from a defective CDROM

On Thu, 2009-05-21 at 09:23 +0100, Frank Murphy (Frankly3d) wrote:
> Jonathan Ryshpan wrote:
> > It's a Sony Optiarc AD-7220S

> There appear to be a number of people having problems with it.
> Check the firmware, in case of fixes.
> http://www.sony-optiarc.us/en/support-service/downloads/fw_dvd-writer-ad-series.html
> Make sure to read the *BOLD* bits.

Very interesting.  How do I check the firmware version of the drive?
How do I install new firmware?  The Sony site is uninformative.

> Also check is it a particular blacn *maker*,
> as distinct from Brand. (CMC Magnetics, Taiyo Yuden, etc.)

The construction list for the computer says Sony AD-7220S, however the
drive's front is blank.  Or maybe you mean the disk itself and not the
drive: the disk has a large label over it, so I can't tell what brand it
is.  The disk was burnt for me about 5 years ago.


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