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Re: What software is missing in the Fedora repository?

I thought I had posted this earlier, but while going through the archives I realised it wasn't there. So here it goes again.

Suvayu Ali wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:

I am doing a quick survey for software that you use on a regular basis
that is not available via the Fedora repository. Software that you
suggest should be free and open source, free of patent and other legal

Tell me the home page of the software and give me a brief description on
what it does.  Bonus points if you can see in Google for "software-name
fedora package review" to figure it if it is already in the Fedora
package review queue. If you know of RPM packages in other distributions
for the software your are suggesting, that information is useful as well.

Hi Rahul,
I would really love to see the data analysis framework, ROOT[1] in Fedora. I know the user base is very niche, mostly data analysis in High Energy Physics. But still ... there are many other such popular data analysis tools which build on ROOT, like HippoDraw.

Although the design goals for ROOT are very focused on data analysis for High Energy Physics, it implements almost any statistical and analysis technique under the sun making it extremely flexible and versatile. It even implements many visualization and GUI-builder tools, interfaces with scripting languages like Python and provides a very handy interpreter for C++ called CINT. So if anyone wants to, they can very easily use ROOT for other kinds of data analysis. I for example learned from their mailing list, that there are people using ROOT analysing images in astrophysics!

And the best thing about all this is, the developers are very active and prompt in fixing bugs and they officially support rpms for Scientific Linux[2]. Apart from this there is a strong user community for support apart from the developers being very active in the user mailing list. It would be nice to add something like this to the educational packages category for Fedora.

As for the concerns about being *free*, it is completely open source and uses GPL libraries like GNU Scientific Library and is already available in the Debian repositories[3].

[1] http://root.cern.ch/drupal/
[2] http://root.cern.ch/root/Version522.html (the latest stable build)
[3] http://packages.debian.org/source/squeeze/root-system


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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