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Webserver(?) performance issues when accessed through non-server system

Hello Everyone
For an issue that is probably pretty simple to fix, it was really hard
to come up with a subject that had any relation to the problem...
Anyway, here goes.

I have a Fedora 8 and a Fedora 10 system hooked up to a cable (Comcast)
internet connection through a Linksys router.  The Fedora 8 system is
relatively old(?): 1.8 GHZ AMD 32bit processor with 1 gig of RAM.  The
Fedora 8 system also runs a webserver and a mail server.  The Fedora 10
system has an Intel Xeon 2Ghz Quad Core Processor with 8 Gigs of RAM.

The issue is that when I attempt to access either of the two following
locations (both served on on Fedora 8 system I referred to earlier)
the pages never stop loading:

For example, after a few minutes of loading, this is what my Gallery2
installation looks like when viewed in Firefox 3.0.10:

The next screenshot was taken after I ssh'd into my Fedora 8 box and
ran Firefox from that box.  Here is the result after just a few moments
of loading:

My Gallery2 installation also works perfectly at every other computer
that I've tried it on.  In fact, just this morning I ran some
administrative tasks from a Windows 2003 thin client at the place
that I work at.  I was very pleased with the very zippy performance of
my Gallery2 install.

So, my humble opinion is that the issue is a network configuration
issue on my system, since the two radically different performance
scenarios described above are occuring on two systems that are hooked
up the the same router.

I have a feeling that this is a relatively simple fix, but it is beyond
my current skills...

So, thank you in advance for any help you can give me.

Steven P. Ulrick

P.S.: I just remembered that this issue is not confined to Firefox.  I
have tried all of this with Opera, Konqueror and Dillo, with the same
results.  (In the case of Dillo, understanding that of course it
appears to have no CSS support, so even if the page ever finished
loading, it would look markedly different than it is supposed to.

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