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Re: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M

I've read through this thread as well, and I too would like to thank everyone for their views.

I too work in a large organization where I have absolutely no choice in the hardware and software selections (for 98,000+ active computer workstations.) I don't have a voice in those selections either, and yes I've tried lobbying for some flexibility.

It is can be fun to blindly insist on one thing without any flexibility in the matter.

What I try to do is work as well as I can with what my employer provides. That is what was provided to me as an employee. I'm not going to waste too much time complaining about it because it is also true that every minute spent complaining is a minute I'm not getting my job done. And I have a family to think about.

So folks, no zealotry for me. I'm quite happy with my paycheck. I need it.

There will come a time when I decide I need proprietary drivers. I've used them before and I will again.

I do recognize there are plenty of open source people out there working to offer alternative choices, and I support them too. I made a choice to use Fedora outside of my work place. But in making that choice I also decided to be practical and understand there are times when I may have to use non-free solutions.


On 05/23/2009 03:36 AM, François Patte wrote:
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Le 22/05/2009 21:29, Mike Cloaked a écrit :
Kevin Kofler wrote:
Stop considering proprietary drivers "acceptable", they are not.

         Kevin Kofler

So imagine that there is a newbie Linux user starting to read this list and
he/she just happens to own one single machine that just happens to have an
Nvidia graphics card - are you suggesting that people on this list tell this
new user to go away and buy a better machine with the "appropriate"
hardware, simply because Fedora default install does not support his/her
graphics card. C'mon now - be reasonable! He/she will likely go look for
another Linux distro!

First I want to thank anybody who answered...

On this subject: proprietary/non-proprietary, I would like to say that
maybe some people can choose to only use free software, but it is not
the case for everybody.

1- My lab in my university has contracts with companies and I have to
choose in a panel of offers. For computers, it is Dell and Dell's offer
is with nvidia graphic. What can I do?

2- I am not a computer scientist, I use computers (like many people) and
I do not want to waste a lot of time to find out how to configure new
hardwares I have never seen before. I know how to configure nvidia
graphic cards because we have many computers with nvidia. All cards, up
to now, are from Geforce series and I did not know if Quadro series were
supported by fedora OS.

3- Many times we have to deal with hardwares using proprietary drivers,
nvidia is among them. But, it seems to me that nvidia gives a lot of
documentation on their cards and provides drivers and help for linux
which make them easy to use.... This is not the case for all hardware
manufacturers: who had never experienced a modem or lan or wifi card not
working on his laptop?

4- Why not believe that one day nvidia will make open sources drivers?
Sun, is now going to furnish an open source jre. Why? Is it because a
lot of people from linux community refused to use the free, but not open
sources, Sun jre? I don't think so!

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