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Re: Frustration with F10/KDE

On Friday 22 May 2009 21:04:38 Robin Laing wrote:
> Todd Denniston wrote:
> > Clemens Eisserer wrote, On 05/22/2009 07:50 AM:
> >>> crash of what?  details?
> >>
> >> Plasma of course.
> >>
> >> I already filed a bug with a complete stack-trace.
> >> Like I did with all the other crashes I've reported with a full
> >> stack-trace, which haven't been looked at. (Except for the first-level
> >> guys sorting dups out).
> >>
> >> - Clemens
> >
> > and it is bugzilla # what, so that we all know WHICH of the stack traces
> > are relevant to this thread?
> >
> > Thanks.
> I would like to see the number(s) as well because I have full
> crashes/freezes with F10 and KDE but nothing to go on.  No logs or
> messages of any type.
Most of these problems are caused by graphics card drivers.  KDE 4 stresses 
parts of the drivers previously unused.  All the major three providers are 
working on the problems.  As a workaround you sometimes have to turn off all 
desktop effects,  In other cases editing xorg.conf helps.  It's worth reading 
http://userbase.kde.org/GPU-Performance for some tips.

For a greater understanding of what's happening in the driver world, read this 
article about Intel drivers: 


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