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Re: NVIDIA Quadro NVS 160M

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Le 23/05/2009 09:55, Frank Cox a écrit :
> On Sat, 23 May 2009 09:36:56 +0200
> François Patte wrote:
>> 1- My lab in my university has contracts with companies and I have to
>> choose in a panel of offers. For computers, it is Dell and Dell's offer
>> is with nvidia graphic. What can I do?
> Are you a student, a research assistant, a scientist, or a professor?    Your
> approach and your "power" may differ depending on your position in the pecking
> order at your university, but basically you can make the case that proprietary
> software is making your job more difficult than it needs to be.

My power is not so big facing a big research institution like CNRS in
France. So....

>  For example,
> if you use a supported Intel video chipset (and ATI, now) there is no need to
> do anything at all when you install Fedora or Centos on a computer.  The video
> just works right off the bat, and there are no "outside" drivers to worry about
> at all. There's also less to deal with when upgrading a kernel after the initial
> installation is long over and done with.

This, I don't understand: I installed nvidia akmod from
rpm-fussion-non-free and there absolutely no problem of the like: nvidia
module is automatically compiled if the kernel updated.

>> 3- Many times we have to deal with hardwares using proprietary drivers,
>> nvidia is among them.
> But there are excellent alternatives to Nvidia that provide even better and
> more painless support!  Why ride the second-class bus?

I don't know what is second "class bus" (in fact, I know: my wages are
not so high!) but I have some Dell computer with an ATI card and the
only difference is that the driver is installed from the first install
(and not after update and config of rpm-fusion repos) but running
glxgears gives 2900FPS for ATI, 500FPS for nvidia with the nv driver and
15000FPS for nvidia with nvidia driver.

Moreover, I need various config for multiscreen display (clone,
xinerama...) and the nvidia doc is easy and clear enough for me to be
used to get what I want. I write "by hand" the needed xorg.conf, graphic
tools are not able to write exactly what I want (or I don't know how to
use them!)

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