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Re-enable graphical boot in Fedora 11, switch between Plymouth themes

Hey there.  Installed F11 preview, really like it.  Intel 965GM
graphics card, by the way.

When I first set it up, I was delighted to find that plymouth and the
new graphical boot splash, Compiz, and redirected direct rendering all
work perfectly.  I was very glad that at least for my card model,
graphics are doing okay.

However, I installed some system updates -- and a new kernel.  For the
heck of it, I also installed one or two other Plymouth themes, like
the Solar theme.

When I did, I no longer get the graphical boot on startup.  Kernel
modesetting still works, because even though I get the text-mode boot,
it's a very sharp, high-res text mode boot.

How can I get the graphical splashes back?  When I ran grub with my
old kernel, it used the graphical splash just fine.  But when I
compare the lines of the original kernel and the update kernel in
grub.conf, they look exactly the same to me (with the "rhgb" and
"quiet" options), so I'm not sure why I'm not getting the splash on my
new kernel.

And, by the by...how exactly do you switch between Plymouth themes
when you have more than one installed?

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