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Re: Broken video DVDs (no executable bits on *_TS folders)

Axel Thimm wrote:

some home made DVDs by some software is creating *_TS folders with
0400 permissions. This means that only root can really change into
these folders.

Is there a way to tell Fedora to always paste executional bits onto
video DVDs?

I'm trying to convert some people to use Fedora for their home systems
and when they find out that Fedora will ignore their home made DVDs
they don't really care that their Wincrap software generated a bad DVD
("after all it runs on the DVD player").

So while Fedora is actually doing The Right Thing, it is hindering its
own acceptance. :(

How are you mounting your DVDs? Is it auto-mounted by HAL? I sometimes use Windowmaker as my desktop and it doesn't automount any external storage device. Then I have to mount it by hand. I use the following to do that successfully.

$ sudo mount -o uid=regular-user -o gid=group-of-user [other options]

I think similar other options for -o allow you to mount with the executable bit set. The DVDs might work if you mounted it like this.

Just a wild thought. :-/


Open source is the future. It sets us free.

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