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Re: snd-hda-intel options in modprobe

Il giorno sab, 23/05/2009 alle 20.30 -0400, Bill Davidsen ha scritto:

> Have you removed PulseAudio? No, not disabled... 
Not in this installation. I removed pulseaudio on FC8 on another laptop.

> Warning, some other things may 
> stop working, but if what you need works it may be a lesser evil. FC10 could be 
> made to work with PA if you wasted^H^H^H^H^H^Hspent enough time onthe config, 
> and FC11 has taken away the sliders. I have been unable to get sound working at 
> all on FC11, I just have put that on my personal blocker list for installing 
> FC11 on a machine which needs sound.
I didn't spent time in configuration of pulse audio because I don't know
where to start.
I don't know well the audio system on Linux so I start learning a bit on
I understoud that it's a big planet.

I will continue with the external mic :-)
But I can test something if someone want to understand and solve the

Tnx to all

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