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Re: DVD creation for Iso download.

What I am trying to do is create a DVD on a windows machine so that I can move the DVD to a new box to load Fedora.

I cannot browse the DVD created on the windows machine and when I try to use the DVD in the new box that I want to load Fedora, when the new box tries to boot from the CD, I get a DISK BOOT Failure.

Since Windows has trouble browsing the DVD created and the new box indicates a disk boot failure, the ISO image is not getting to the DVD even though Roxio says that it is.

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
craig morroni wrote:
I have tried two different .ISO downloads to two different machines
Roxio Creator Business V10 on one machine and the other is another is a
more general Roxio product on the second machine.

Both machines say they create the DVD, neither one works when I try to
load the DVD in the target box.

I am comming in this late so this may already been asked, but are
you burning the image, or burning a data DVD with the .iso image on it?


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