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Re: Earning money as linux developers!

On Sun, 2009-05-24 at 13:10 -0700, GMS S wrote:
> Hello,
> Linux as a free and open source development,how do the open source developer earn/get money?

That's an interesting question. Some open source developers are hired by
companies to add certain features, solve bugs, or provide support;
others are hired to work on software to accomplish a specific goal and
find that building upon an open source foundation (rather than writing
from scratch) is the most productive way to get the job done, and
therefore end up contributing to the software as a way of reaching their

Dirk Riehle[0] has done some great research in this area, including "The
Economic Motivation of Open Source Software: Stakeholder
Perspectives"[1]. Eric Von Hippel's "Democratizing Innovation"[2] is
also a great read.


[0] http://dirkriehle.com/
[2] http://web.mit.edu/evhippel/www/books.htm

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