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Re: [Bulk] Re: Can't boot after an update

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Saturday 23 May 2009 20:41:16 DB wrote:
Anyone got any thoughts as to what might have happened & how I might get
past this %&&(%$$ login??

Many thanks (again) for any help

Unlikely as it seems, it looks as though something has messed up your /home ownership. Use Failsafe again, and try 'ls -l /home/dave'. If the ownership is not shown correctly use 'chown -R dave:dave /home/dave' - altering the commands, of course, to your system's needs.

If the ownership is correct and so are the permissions, still in failsafe mode use passwd to reset it - 'passwd dave' will ask you for the new password. HTH


Thanks Anne, permissions, ownership & password were all OK.......But /tmp was full! Cleared out the .trash & I'm back in business again. I'll be trying the varioous scripts I've seen on other forums for clearing /tmp automatically!

Need to try the Live CD again now &  see whether that runs!

Thanks again for your help


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