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Re: DVD creation for Iso download.

On Sunday 24 May 2009, craig morroni wrote:
>If one can't go to the fedoraproject.org website and not get a corrupt
>image, where does one go?  Has anyone else downloaded this site image
>and getting results (i.e. the ability to load the OS)?
>I have downloaded the image to two different computers from this website.
>John Aldrich wrote:
>> Did you verify the hash to make sure you'd not gotten a corrupted image?
>> That's what it sounds like happened.

2 questions.  The most important being 'how' did you download it.  Windows 
stuff is very fond of treating any download as a text download, and it will 
conveniently convert any carriage returns in finds into linefeed+carriage 
returns in order to match the windows way of doing things.  It is NOT a 
mistake in their eyes, and they take great delight in having screwed up and 
made non-usable, yet another binary download just because downloading a binary 
just HAS to be a pirated copy of windows _as_ _they_ _see_ _it_.

These downloads all have the ability to be checked with a check program, and 
it could be either sha1sum or md5sum.  sha1sum is several times more secure 
than md5sum, but md5sum will also catch 99.9999999999% of the errors.  So, 
check your download using one of those utilities, and if the copy you 
downloaded tests good, then the burner program should work IF you tell it to 
burn the file using that file as an iso image.

If, when the burned disk is reloaded into the drive, you see a single file of 
the same name as the one you burnt, THAT BURN IS WRONG.  You should be seeing 
a directory listing of what is on the cd, not another copy of the file you 
burnt.  The iso image is exactly that, a complete, self contained filesystem 
that when mounted using the iso9660 option as the filesystem, shows you the 
contents of that filesystem.  And if your bios can boot from the cd, it should 
do so automatically on the reboot.


Cheers, Gene
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