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Re: snd-hda-intel options in modprobe

On Sunday 24 May 2009, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> Ah Contraire, fixed me right up, its all working now. That which rpm could
>> remove without wiping the drive & starting over was removed.  Now it Just
>> Works(TM).
>Try playing more than one sound at the time without PulseAudio, the second
>app will report a "sound device busy" error instead of getting the sound
>properly mixed (unless you're one of those lucky people with hardware

Of course I am Kevin, its an audigy2, SBO400 chipset, not one of those $7 
cards or $2 chipsets built into the motherboard.  My biggest problem is in 
convincing the system that it should ignore all the other crap (there is some 
sort of an HDA audio on my video card that is not even bonded out but it finds 
it nevertheless, and the crippled ac97 stuff that you cannot seem to disable 
on the motherboard itself) and actually use the Audigy2 for everything except 
maybe skype.  Once I have done that, then it all Just Works(TM).  I probably 
COULD use pulse, if it had a configuration utility that worked, but if I allow 
it to run, then I believe it is redirecting the audio to one of the other 2 
audio systems.  IF pulse would take directions from my modprobe.conf, maybe it 
might work.  But it thinks it knows best, like a child that has never been 
taught the meaning of the word no.

If we had the tools to configure it (AFAIAC we have exactly zero tools for 
that), you would cut the traffic about pulse on this list by at least 95% cuz 
folks could actually make it work.

Unforch, every one of those tools someone has recommended I try, has 
absolutely NO knowledge of any audio that may be available on the system but 
its own choice, and it will not even tell you what its choice is.  It just is.  

I am reminded of that saying about the word assume.

For those with more than one channel of audio available, pulse is broken by 
design, and after what, 2 years now, it is patently apparent to me that it 
will never be fixed to the point where it will ever be usable for that 10% of 
the users who want better audio.

Go ahead, make a liar out of me with F11 when it is out, but I have the price 
of a 12 pack of suds that nothing will have been done to make it useable for 
those like me with more than 1 audio system.  Here in WV, Michelob Ultra is 
about 11$ a 12 pack, so that is the bet I offer.


Cheers, Gene
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