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Re: DVD creation for Iso download.

On 5/24/2009 6:52 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Sunday 24 May 2009, craig morroni wrote:
>> If one can't go to the fedoraproject.org website and not get a corrupt
>> image, where does one go?  Has anyone else downloaded this site image
>> and getting results (i.e. the ability to load the OS)?
>> I have downloaded the image to two different computers from this website.
>> John Aldrich wrote:
>>> Did you verify the hash to make sure you'd not gotten a corrupted image?
>>> That's what it sounds like happened.
> 2 questions.  The most important being 'how' did you download it.  Windows 
> stuff is very fond of treating any download as a text download, and it will 
> conveniently convert any carriage returns in finds into linefeed+carriage 
> returns in order to match the windows way of doing things.  It is NOT a 
> mistake in their eyes, and they take great delight in having screwed up and 
> made non-usable, yet another binary download just because downloading a binary 
> just HAS to be a pirated copy of windows _as_ _they_ _see_ _it_.

Been a while for you has it not?  :-) Windows downloads files just like
Linux. Has for many, many years. Did before too. It was normally PEBCAK
that messed things up back then.

> These downloads all have the ability to be checked with a check program, and 
> it could be either sha1sum or md5sum.  sha1sum is several times more secure 
> than md5sum, but md5sum will also catch 99.9999999999% of the errors.  So, 
> check your download using one of those utilities, and if the copy you 
> downloaded tests good, then the burner program should work IF you tell it to 
> burn the file using that file as an iso image.

That can be done in Windows also. I you, the OP, care I will point you
to the application locations.

> If, when the burned disk is reloaded into the drive, you see a single file of 
> the same name as the one you burnt, THAT BURN IS WRONG.  You should be seeing 
> a directory listing of what is on the cd, not another copy of the file you 
> burnt.  The iso image is exactly that, a complete, self contained filesystem 
> that when mounted using the iso9660 option as the filesystem, shows you the 
> contents of that filesystem.  And if your bios can boot from the cd, it should 
> do so automatically on the reboot.

The OP is running Windows Gene. He needs answers that fits his current OS.


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