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Re: F11p Wine?

On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 8:45 PM, Rahul Sundaram
<sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> On 05/25/2009 05:11 AM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
>> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>> Take a look at the yum-plugin-remove-with-leaves. It does what you want.
>> Well, it tries to. More often than not, it does the wrong thing (e.g. where
>> applications require other applications.) You can't even come close to
>> reliably solving this problem without tracking which packages were
>> installed explicitly and which were automatically installed as
>> dependencies, and remove-with-leaves doesn't even try to do that. And even
>> if you do that, you can end up removing stuff which wasn't supposed to be
>> removed.
> yum recently got the ability to track why a package was installed (via
> dependencies or directly etc) and I guess the plugin would be taking
> advantage of that
> http://lists.baseurl.org/pipermail/yum/2009-May/022725.html
> Rahul
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The idea of having a database for packages seems interesting.  Maybe
if yum would
keep a counter for automatically installed packages in that database
and increment it
by one whenever you install another package that needs that package as
and also decrement it when you remove that package, yum would be able to remove
deps when the counter reaches zero?

It goes like this:
I install a package foo, which installs bar and baz as deps (automatic install)
right now the counter for both bar and baz is 1.

then I install foo2 which depends on bar only.  The counter for bar is 2 and
the counter for baz is 1.

then I remove foo, which has bar and baz as deps, if you decrement the
counter for both, bar will be 1, and baz will be 0, which means we can
now remove baz too!

A proper database (e.g. sqlite) would help in this case rather than a simple
text file.

Armin Moradi

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