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OT: Re: DVD creation for Iso download.

On Sunday 24 May 2009, David wrote:
and Gene replied:
>> TBT, I only jumped in with the most basic stuff because obviously the OP
>> was not getting the answers he needed.  The thread is quite a few messages
>> long now.
>> And since when did winders get religion?  I did 4 or 5 dl's on my XP
>> equipt lappy when I was up in MI the last time, and it made a 256k eeprom
>> binary about 410 bytes longer than the eprom and invalid when checked
>> after I tried to burn it to carry it to a piece of transmitter gear that
>> needed an updated OS.
>> What other conclusion could I draw, when the linux firefox, because of
>> miss- placed security on the makers web site that contained the download,
>> was not able to be configured enough like IE to be acceptable and allow me
>> to download the passwd and IE requiring upgrade.  I had words that were
>> NOT pleasant with the maker of the gear over that little 3 days wasted
>> time killer.  I burnt 5 or 6 cd's before I made it work, each one
>> accompanied by a 3 mile one way trip up the hill to see if it was
>> acceptable to the gear.  The copy I actually made work was the one I
>> pulled with linux after I threatened to sue if they didn't give me a link
>> that bypassed the windows IE check.
>> Every time I tangle with winderz, it costs me time and/or money, usually
>> both. In this exact case, it made me money because of the wasted time, but
>> it sure reinforced my hatred for winderz.  If every windows box on the
>> planet died yet today, its IMO 20 years past due.
>Then, like Bruno, your problem(s) is PEBCAK or incorrect settings.
>Windows does not do that. Users do that. An ISO will download as an ISO.
>If, before the download *you* name the download, say 'something.txt' it
>is still and ISO. And will be treated as one.
>Sorry Gene. But you're wrong here.

The file was in fact labeled as a .bin.  And I did not try to rename it.  
Their downloading mechanism only gave me one choice, where to put it, I let it 
choose the default.  I even mounted the XP partition, found it and copied it 
to F7/ext3.  And it was not 262,144 bytes long as retrieved from the ntfs 
partition, but more like 262,566 IIRC for 3 different downloads.  The first I 
tried to burn with the winderz freebie burner but it BSOD'd twice before it 
looked like it worked the third time.  The burn was rejected, bad checksum, 
which is when I found it was also too long, so that was evidence enough to me 
that windows was still up to it old tricks.

I used XP and IE to pull that file 4 times, and got the same too long and 
broken file every time.  I was by them also getting aggravated with their one 
use only passwds that I had to call them and get another one each time.  The 
5th time, I called them up and said this isn't working.  The gear as it is, is 
not usable, and we have a 5 figure sum in it, you can either let me pull the 
update it needs by a direct link, or my next call will be to corporate & we'll 
let the courts decide who owes who what.  They gave me the direct link, I 
pulled it with one of the old FF's, used k3b to put it on the cd, like I had 3 
times before with the IE downloads, and it worked.

Now admittedly I try to stay the hell away from windows, so maybe there was 
some knob to twiddle in IE that might have fixed that, but it was running at 
its as installed default settings.  If it was supposed to be smart enough to 
do it right, it failed that class.

Cheers David, Gene
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