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Re: DVD creation for Iso download.

On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 20:43:43 -0400,
  David <dgboles comcast net> wrote:
> Then, like Bruno, your problem(s) is PEBCAK or incorrect settings.

No it wasn't. IE used to be screwed up. The Microsoft people thought it
was a feature to be outguessing the web server in case the content was
mislabelled. Off course if you intentionally gave a content type of
text/plain to whatever.html so that people could see the source, IE
would not do that. Instead it would render it as html.

> Windows does not do that. Users do that. An ISO will download as an ISO.

IE may be doing things correctly today. And it is possible for the web site
to be screwed up and have labeled an iso as text/plain instead of
application/octetstream which could cause problems. I wouldn't expect that to
happen a site serving  Fedora isos, but it might be worth checking to
eliminate that as a possible cause.

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