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Re: OT: Re: DVD creation for Iso download.

On Sunday 24 May 2009, David wrote:
>This is OT here Gene. Write me off list with the details and I will test
>  David

That problem was fixed 2 years ago.  I have serious doubts the site being so 
problematic then even exists today, it certainly deserved to die, and I would 
have to go look at my notes, which are 1000 miles away in upstate MI before I 
could even name it correctly.  My lappy has also been wiped and has either F8 
or F9 on it now (whatever F# was fresh when I went to say goodby to Barbara in 
Nov. 2007), even if its been 6 months since it was last booted to anything.  
So there is not enough evidence left to prosecute, its best dropped.

The vendor who supplied us with it switched sources for that particular item 
shortly after that, and the next people have been much friendlier according to 
the vendor we get that stuff from.  Seems I wasn't the only customer 
threatening legal action.

Cheers, Gene
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