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Re: yum upgrade Fedora Core 5 -> Fedora Core 10?

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Tosh wrote:
This should normally not be that difficult as CentOS 5 is based on FC6
You should grab the release rpm package, and replace manually, then you
can yum update to CentOS 5

But some FC5 updates are newer than what CentOS 5 ships,
breaking "upgrades". (For example, KDE is 3.5.5 in FC5 updates, 3.5.4 in
CentOS 5, the kernel is 2.6.20 in FC5 updates, 2.6.18 (with tons of
backports, but still "older" to RPM) in CentOS 5.)

         Kevin Kofler

In case of a server, I presume you would be running KDE, or other desktop apps, which would be newer. As for the kernel, this would create problems as you state, I think even python would create some issues, resulting in yum not working Any "upgrade" from fc5 would be somewhat risky, but I suspect it should be possible. So the only way I see to come to know this is doing the work on your pc in a virtual instance to come to know how this would react. But if you want to have a stable server platform, CentOS is a better choice than Fedora, so if you anyway are changing it would be better to convert to CentOS

Toshaan <toshlinux gmail com> - http://www.toshaan.be

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