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Re: Question about whehter xinetd is still used.

> I just noticed that my F10 system does not even have xinetd installed. I
> can certainly install it if I want, but I was just suprised that it was
> not installed by default. Is there a movement to get rid of xinetd? It's
> just that I remember that the trend used to be to move more server
> processes to be added to the inetd config. Am I missing something?

xinetd is available for F10...it depends, greatly, on what options you
chose when you installed. For example, if you didn't select to install
telnet or some other tools, it may not have opted to install xinetd.

Many services do not run, usually, from xinetd, such as ssh or httpd,
though they could be made to do so

Was there something specific that you wanted to run, that would normally
require xinetd?
Mike Burger

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