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Re: Question about whehter xinetd is still used.

On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 08:58:04AM -0400, Mike Burger wrote:
> > On Tuesday 26 May 2009, Mike Burger wrote:
> >>> I just noticed that my F10 system does not even have xinetd installed.
> >>> I
> >>> can certainly install it if I want, but I was just suprised that it was
> >>> not installed by default. Is there a movement to get rid of xinetd?
> >>> It's
> >>> just that I remember that the trend used to be to move more server
> >>> processes to be added to the inetd config. Am I missing something?
> >>
> >>xinetd is available for F10...it depends, greatly, on what options you
> >>chose when you installed. For example, if you didn't select to install
> >>telnet or some other tools, it may not have opted to install xinetd.
> >>
> >>Many services do not run, usually, from xinetd, such as ssh or httpd,
> >>though they could be made to do so
> >>
> >>Was there something specific that you wanted to run, that would normally
> >>require xinetd?
> >
> > The backup program amanda comes to mind, portions of its server utils are
> > xinetd.d controlled.
> I'm guessing, then, that "yum install amanda" would then install xinetd as
> a prerequisite.
> But, as noted, if Amanda was not selected at install time, like telnet
> server, etc., Anaconda would not have grabbed xinetd for installation.

The amanda package requires xinetd:

$ repoquery --requires amanda.i586 | grep xinetd

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