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Re: Question about whehter xinetd is still used.

Paul W. Frields wrote:
> On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 08:58:04AM -0400, Mike Burger wrote:
>> But, as noted, if Amanda was not selected at install time, like
>> telnet server, etc., Anaconda would not have grabbed xinetd for
>> installation.
> The amanda package requires xinetd:
> $ repoquery --requires amanda.i586 | grep xinetd
> xinetd

It seems that about half of the packages that place files in
/etc/xinetd.d require xinetd and half do not.  I'm not sure why that
is in many cases.

$ repoquery --qf '%{name}' --whatprovides '/etc/xinetd.d/*' | \
sort -u | while read p; do
    repoquery --requires $p | \
        grep -q xinet && echo "$p: YES" || echo "$p: NO"

amanda: YES
apg: NO
authd: YES
bitlbee: YES
cups-lpd: YES
cvs: NO
ebhttpd: NO
ebnetd: NO
finger-server: YES
firebird-classic: YES
git-daemon: NO
krb5-workstation-servers: YES
ldminfod: NO
leafnode: YES
libident-tools: NO
ltsp-server: NO
ndtpd: NO
node: YES
nuttcp: NO
proftpd: NO
pure-ftpd: NO
rsh-server: YES
rsync: NO
samba-swat: YES
talk-server: YES
telnet-server: YES
tftp-server: YES
uucp: NO
uw-imap: YES
vnc-ltsp-config: YES
vtun: YES
xinetd: YES

I'll try to ping the fedora-packaging list to get some opinions.
Unless there are good reasons for not requiring xinetd, it seems to me
that most packages dropping things into /etc/xinetd.d should bring in
xinetd as well.

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