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Re: "empty" disc undeer f11/f10

Christoph Höger wrote:

Am Montag, den 25.05.2009, 14:11 -0600 schrieb Robin Laing:
Christoph Höger wrote:
Hi folks,

something strange happened today. I got an _important_ cd and simply
wanted to copy the data from it. My kernel thinks its empty ("this disc
doesn't ..."). But under Vista I can read the data. Is that some kind of
windows magic? Unfinished disc or stuff or did I encounter a bug?



Possible mulitsession disk that wasn't created properly. I have had that happened in the past. Check to see how much blank space there is. The session may not have been closed properly.


This may be useful.


Robin Laing

> Hi all,
> thanks for your advice. It seems that disc was indeed not finalized. I
> wonder if there is a way to determine that (trying to burn such a disc
> after thinking "wohoo found an empty one" surely would make things
> worse).

I agree. It would be nice if there was a default way to test for multi-session disks and their status. Is that kernel or some other application?

Glad I pointed you in the right direction.

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