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Re: Globbing with scp

Dave Feustel wrote:
> There appear to be missing concluding brackets in the output of man
> scp: (F9)
> =================
>      scp - secure copy (remote file copy program)
>      scp [-1246BCpqrv] [-c cipher] [-F ssh_config] [-i identity_file]
> ...
>  [[user ]host1:]file1 ...  [[user ]host2:]file2
> ==================
> The missing right brackets make me wonder how to transmit
> bunches of files without having to specify the password(s)
> multiple times.

Huh?  The brackets are in matched pairs AFAICT.

> Is globbing possible? If so, could someone provide an example? So
> far none of my experiments attempting to transfer multiple files in
> a single scp command have worked.

It might help if you showed a little of what you tried.  Globbing when
the files are on the localhost is easy:

   $ scp *.diff remote:/tmp

Going in the other direction requires you to quote the glob characters
to prevent them from being expanded by your local shell:

    $ scp remote:'/tmp/*.diff' .

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