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Re: hardware for fedora

Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
2009/5/26 Stuart McGraw <smcg2297 frii com>:
Hello all,

Time has come to replace my ancient circa 2001
computers with something new.  I will probably
buy the parts and build them myself (although
if anyone can recommend a vendor that uses
high quality components, I'll consider that
as well) but want to make sure I end up with
systems that can run Fedora trouble free.

I'm planning on two identical boxes, one running
an Evil Empire OS, the other Fedora.  I want good
performance (the Fedora box will be running servers
(postgresql, apache, postfix, dns, etc) as well as
acting as an interactive development machine.
Although I want good performance, having a trouble
and complication-free install and operation is
higher priority.

I have just spent several days of mostly fruitless
googling and found large amounts of out-dated,
questionable, ambiguous, contradictory, and other
not-so-good info.

What I would really like is a collection of tested
specifications: "I used a Fruble-2500 motherboard,
Caterpillar D50 Case, a Dustin Wigetal XZ123 250G
hard drive, Sparker T800 800W power supply,...blah,
blah..., and F10 installed and ran with no problems".

Does any one have any hardware "recipes" like this
(or a pointer to a web site with some?)  Thanks.

I realise this is not quite the answer to the question you asked, but
I'm keying on the "probably" in front of "buy the parts etc." - I have
extensive experience of HP Business Desktops, which I have had very
little trouble running Fedora on. In particular, the dc7800 which is
out of production and the dc5800 which is still supplied (avoid the
dc7900 as I can't get it to boot and run reliably yet).


You can get quad-core Q9300 and 8GB of RAM and depending on which case
style you opt for, 2-3 HDDs. I happen to have mine with an NVidia
NVS290, but the built in Intel GMA3100 seems to work well too. I am
not aware of any hardware inside them that is not supported by Fedora.

I assume that all the other major vendors (e.g. Dell, Lenovo) have
equivalent models in their Business range - those ranges tend to have
better, slightly less leading-edge components to the Consumer ranges
and are targeted for a 4-5 year lifespan - perhaps someone on the list
with other Vendor experience can chip in to provide some balance ;o)
Even if you don't need the recommendation, it may be useful to others
on the list!

I was planning on building something not because I
like doing that but because in the past I have found that most pre-built systems used some wacky or cheapo
parts.  However I have been impressed with HP server
hardware in the past (although their software always
sucked) so your suggestion is something I will look into. But again, I would like to buy something that
some can say of, "yea, I bought that exact model and
options and Fedora-x installed out of the box and worked fine."

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