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Re: hardware for fedora

Dave Stevens wrote:
Quoting Stuart McGraw <smcg2297 frii com>:

Hello all,

Time has come to replace my ancient circa 2001
computers with something new.  I will probably
buy the parts and build them myself (although
if anyone can recommend a vendor that uses
high quality components, I'll consider that
as well) but want to make sure I end up with
systems that can run Fedora trouble free.

I'm planning on two identical boxes, one running
an Evil Empire OS, the other Fedora.  I want good
performance (the Fedora box will be running servers
(postgresql, apache, postfix, dns, etc) as well as
acting as an interactive development machine.
Although I want good performance, having a trouble
and complication-free install and operation is
higher priority.

why don't you tell us where you live (what country) and what kind of budget.

U.S., and say ~$1000 although I could go a few hundred dollars over that if necessary.

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